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Hungry Bikers Breakfast a roaring success 


Each year the Motorcycle Council of NSW and the Brotherhood Christian Motorcycle Club join with parliamentarians to highlight issues around road safety for motorcyclists. It’s a two-way street there’s responsibilities for riders and responsibilities for other vehicle drivers. This year the Motorcycle Council of New South Wales were highlighting issues around appropriate safety equipment, helmets and apparel and most importantly we discussed the legislation going through the Parliament to introduce mobile phone detection cameras that really raises the stakes for those people who continue to do the wrong thing while driving. Great bunch of people and I was really pleased to have had three Government Ministers attend.



Construction begins on Munibung Road 


This really is a fantastic day for local residents. I've been working on getting Munibung Road completed for many years and along with local residents and subsequent councils I've been frustrated by the time it's taken. Great to see the extension of this connector road finally becoming a reality, thanks to investment by Lake Macquarie City Council and the Australian Federal Government.






Wyee Rural Fire Service Brigade station officially opens


Our local NSW Rural Fire Service brigades provide an invaluable service to local communities and it's always wonderful to see them receive much needed improved facilities. In this case it was the Wyee RFS Brigade with a long needed new fire shed. What a great way to start Bushfire Awareness Week for Wyee RFS volunteers and their captain, Matt Naylor. My thanks, and I'm sure that all the community, goes to ur RFS volunteers as we wish them all safety in service, particularly in the upcoming fire season.






Lake Macquarie issues highlighted during visit from the Minister for Energy and Environment


I was pleased the Minister for Energy and Environment Matt Kean was able to come to Lake Macquarie today. It was important that he visited the area as we have a number of issues that he needs to be aware of. I think he benefited from hearing from both local residents and Lake Macquarie City Council about the former Pasminco site and concerns about how to best manage coal ash from the Eraring power station.








Goals Achieved at Biraban Public School


It's wonderful to be able to help communities help themselves and this is a classic example of just that, with Biraban Public School's P&C working hard to not only deliver a safe and functional basketball court for students; but to also have the contractor Major Sports Surfaces go the extra mile and deliver a court that reflects the rich Aboriginal heritage and student cohort of the area and school. Community Building Partnerships remains a really important State Government program and I was pleased to be able to support the school and students with a $10,000 grant.









Toronto's waterfront needs this, not high-rise


Plans for a six-storey developmeny on key waterfront land should be reconsidered by Lake Macquarie City Council and a genuine consultative process with the community established. I believe publicly owned land such as this land, has a much higher value for future generations as open space than the relatively short term gain that can come from developing the site with any mixed-use building.







New retirement village brings vote of confidence to Boolaroo


Boolaroo and the surrounding area is clearly in a stage of rapid change from the days when it was dominated by heavy industry. Strategically brilliantly located it's not surprising that Oak Tree have invested in what they describe as s boutique retirement village. This village is part of the good news story for Boolaroo and I know that along with the extension of Munibung Road recently announced, there's lots more to come.







Flags fly high at Blackalls Park Public School


It's always great to be able to support people trying to improve their community. Oliver Croft, a year 4 student at Blackalls Park Public School has been inspirational in pursuing new flag poles for the school and I really enjoyed meeting him and his family at the first official flag raising on the new poles this morning. Blackalls Park Public School is an excellent school with great students, of which Oliver is a fine example. Congratulations Oliver.




Electorate Update


There's been lots of things happening around the electorate recently and this video outlines most of them. I screened it at my Electorate Information Evening this week to a large group of my supporters and community leaders. I'll continue to release updates on each of these topics as more information becomes available.




Myuna Bay Debate Update


Another important step in the campaign to have Myuna Bay reopened. My thanks to Peter Bailey, and the PSA and members of the local community who came along to support us in the Parliament today.
Thanks also to Labor MPs Lynda Voltz and Member for Charlestown Jodie Harrison for supporting the campaign. The Minister has reassured us today that the review of the decision to close Myuna Bay is well underway and will be completed soon. I particularly note the reassurance of Mr Sidoti that he and the Government are working to get a good outcome for us.





Busy First Week of New Parliament


We've hit the ground running with a pretty busy first week in the new Parliament. I've had a number of meetings with Ministers to discuss health services in the southlakes area, police numbers at Morisset, a couple of planning issues in the Toronto area, railway station car parks and of course Myuna Bay. It looks like we'll have Myuna Bay debated in the Parliament on May 30. I've also been appointed as a temporary Speaker so I'm hoping to improve the behaviour and function of the Parliament. Thanks for your ongoing support. It's a great privilege to represent our community in the 57th NSW Parliament.

Service NSW in Toronto up and Running


Service NSW has been a great success across the state.
While it was a blow when we lost the Toronto Motor Registry getting a full-service Service NSW in Toronto's main street, in my view, more than makes up for the loss. This is a great thing for the entire Lake Macquarie area and will take pressure off the Warners Bay facility. I would urge people to make sure they use our new Service NSW.


Action Needed on Hillsborough Road


I simply can't believe the time we've had to wait for the RMS's masterplan for Hillsborough Road. While I've appreciated the additional safety measures installed near the high school and McDonald's roundabout, traffic congestion during peak times is getting worse. The Crockett Street intersection which feeds Cardiff South remains very dangerous for anyone turning right onto Hillsborough. Unfortunately, no significant work can be done until we see the RMS study which is looking at the entire route from Charlestown to Warners Bay. I've raised this issue in Parliament and with the RMS at every opportunity, and I know that the Member for Charlestown has done the same, but we're still waiting. Frustrating to say the least!

Multi-Level Car Parks Needed at Morisset and Cardiff


I strongly believe that new multi-level parking stations should be built at Morisset, Cardiff and Fassifern train stations to cater for the region’s growth. I recently commissioned concept designs for three different sites at Morisset (pictured in the video below) which could accommodate a multi-level car park, and have identified more than sufficient land for similar car parks at Cardiff and Fassifern. I had the designs for Morisset drawn up because I wanted to show the State Government and the local community what could be done. More info is in the video. I'm interested in hearing your thoughts.

Morisset Hospital Kangaroo Update


While it’s perfectly understandable that visitors to our area, particularly international visitors, would want to see kangaroos in the wild, the kind of activity that was happening at Morisset Hospital was not acceptable on an animal welfare basis and also had a very detrimental impact on clients/patients and staff of the facility.

Since Hunter New England Area Health has closed the site we are seeing kangaroos return to their natural behaviour and will no doubt see a reduction in what had become a worrying number of deaths of these animals directly attributable to the tourism.

Most importantly, patients and residents at the hospital can now once again use the grounds without large numbers of visitors wandering the area impacting on the reasonable expectation of some privacy in such a setting.


Morisset Hospital off Limits to Kangaroos Tourists


Tourists and visitors will soon be stopped from feeding and interacting with the wild kangaroos at Morisset Hospital. Hunter Health has made a decision to install new security gates at both entrances in locations which will deny access to tourist buses and other unauthorised visitors on foot. This is the right decision. Morisset Hospital is foremost a mental health facility. It's not a zoo. The huge increase in tourist numbers was having a very negative impact on the hospital's residents, patients and staff, and of course on the health of the kangaroos. As you can see in the new video I've put together below, attacks had also become more frequent and people were being quite severely injured. Five months ago I was able to get all stakeholders together to find a way of managing the problem, and we've come to the understanding that this is the only sensible solution. I want to thank the local community, Hunter Health, National Parks and Wildlife Service, the RSPCA, Audrey Koosmen from NSW Wildlife Council and everyone else involved in this process.

Location for Service NSW in Toronto


I can finally confirm that the new Service NSW centre will be located in the former Miller’s store on The Boulevard at Toronto. It’s taken a bit longer than we’d hoped to get to this point but locking in a prime location on the main street is worth it. In order to accommodate the new centre, a few changes are being made with existing tenants. The gift store which is currently next to the café will be moving around the corner into the Rockmans store, while Rockmans will be moving into the former newsagency opposite Coles. This is a great result for everyone concerned, and a real boost for the Toronto town centre. The only slight downside is that Service NSW won’t be ready to open until mid to late February, but we’ve waited three years to get our services back so I think we can wait a few weeks longer!

Calls for More Police in Lake Macquarie


The Police Association has called on the Government to recruit 2500 new officers to cater for the State's growing population. It would ultimately be a decision of the Police Commissioner as to where those new officers go if they were allocated, but we'd be asking for 20 new officers locally, some of which could get Morisset Police Station operating 24/7. I put those questions to the Police Minister in Question Time this week, and his response is below.

$231,000 Grant for New Lighting at Walters Park


Great to share some good news with Lake Macquarie Rugby Club president Ron Robson. We’ve been able to secure $231,000 in State funding to install new lighting at Walters Park, the home of the Roos at Speers Point. The club has 10 junior teams which spent most of this season training in the dark, so the club is pretty excited about the successful application. My congrats to Ron and everyone at the club, and my thanks to Scot MacDonald who helped me get this funding over the line.

$2.25 Million to Expand Speers Point Footbal Centre


Fantastic news today for Northern NSW Football. We’ve secured $2.25m from the State Government to significantly expand the Lake Macquarie Regional Football Facility at Speers Point. I worked with David Eland and others to get this facility up and running, so being able to secure State funding for the second stage is really great. This centre not only provides world-class facilities for locals, it has put us on the map nationally and even internationally. The money will be used to build a multi-purpose building and education centre, new lighting, a refurbishment of the turf pitch which is adjacent to the synthetic fields, new change rooms and toilets. I really need to thank the State Government for this investment, and also the Parliamentary Secretary for the Hunter Scot MacDonald who helped to secure this funding.

Plastics Police Receive $150,000 Grant


I'm so pleased to announce a grant of $150,000 from the State Government's 'Waste Less Recycle More' program for a fantastic regional pilot program being run by Lake Macquarie business Cross Connections Consulting. The 'Plastic Police Hunter' project will engage with businesses and councils within the Hunter region so soft plastics can be collected and diverted from landfill and litter and turned into useful products such as ashphalt, decking, wheel stops and outdoor furniture that can be purchased by businesses and councils. This program closes the loop on problematic soft plastics which are becoming a major waste problem.

We need to address the catastrophic impact plastics and microplastics are having on our environment. Check out my other video on the subject, and/or visit the AUSMAP website.

Plastics in Our Food Chain


Plastics are now common in our food chain and I believe that this issue, along with climate change, is among the greatest health and environmental challenges of our time and beyond. Please join the global movement towards better understanding the impacts that plastics are having, and how we can manage this major global problem. I’ve made this video with the assistance of researchers at the University of Newcastle. I would appreciate you taking the time to watch it, and can help me spread the word by sharing it.



Road Injuries and Deaths in Lake Macquarie


You see some pretty crazy things happening on the roads, and you have to wonder whether it's better or worse in our area than in other places. Well, the statistics tell us that it is worse, with our cultural issues and bad driver behaviour leading us to have a higher rate of death and injury on our roads than in elsewhere in the state. These people being injured and killed are our friends and family, and we need to do something about it.

Lake Macquarie's Good News Day


Every day in Lake Macquarie is a good one, but today was especially good. We had three major announcements made by Finance Minister Victor Dominello, Attorney General Mark Speakman and Utilities Minister Don Hawrin.

Morisset Hospital Kangaroos


Kangaroo tourism has become a big thing at Morisset Hospital. Having been widely advertised as a good viewing site on the internet and on social media it is not likely that it can be stopped. But for the wellbeing of the kangaroos and the safety of visitors, there does need to be better education about the Do's and Don'ts and at least some improved management. As you can see in this latest video I've produced, people are getting injured. I don't want to see people stopped from visiting the kangaroos, but there clearly needs to be a co-ordinated response to protect the kangaroos as well as the people who visit them.


Hillsborough Road Matters


The community understandably wants to see Hillsborough Road and adjoining roads upgraded to improve safety and ease congestion. It's an issue that has been raised by me and Jodie Harrison MP for Charlestown with the Minister and Roads and Maritime Services and one which needs to be fixed sooner rather than later. In the meantime, the community would appreciate at the very least receiving more information from RMS on just what is planned. Thanks ABC Newcastle for raising this matter with Jenny Marchant today.


Independents in NSW Parliament


This video won't be for everyone but it does answer a question I often get about the value of Independents in politics and the NSW Parliament in particular. It's only about 4 minutes and without wanting to be a spoiler I think the conclusion might be that they're pretty fantastic


Sewer is Coming to Wyee


Sewer is coming to Wyee but many residents are wondering just when? The project has grown but the timeframe for delivery by Hunter Water remains the same. I will be hosting an information meeting at the Wyee Community Hall this Thursday (22nd March) from 6 p.m. where Hunter Water employees will be in attendance to explain the program. In the meantime I have produced this short video to give an overview and update of where the project is up to.


Newcastle Bus Timetable Changes


Changes to bus timetables and routes on services operated by Newcastle Transport have triggered a lot of anger throughout the community. I’ve discussed the problems with the Minister and his staff as well as Transport NSW and Keolis Downer, the operator of Newcastle Transport. This video gives a snapshot of the issue.


Container Deposit Scheme


Residents of NSW have long called for a Container Deposit Scheme, similar to what has existed in SA for many years. Well, we've got something a bit different and while it has had, and still has some teething problems, it will only continue to improve. The main need is for more drop-off locations and particularly for more of the automated Reverse Vending Machines. This video hopefully shows how simple the system can be.


Introducing Lake Macquarie Matters


Welcome to the first video edition of Lake Macquarie Matters. I'm aiming to produce these short videos regularly to keep everyone updated on things happening around the electorate. It's our first effort in this format, and we will get better, but I think it's a great way to keep the electorate informed of what's happening locally and in the State. I welcome any feedback so please let me know of any local or State issues you'd like to get an update on.