Robyn Charlton

By Greg Piper
Category: Local Legends

I acknowledge one of Lake Macquarie's most tireless volunteers and environmental champions. I recently had the honour of presenting Robyn Charlton with a NSW Government Community Service Award to acknowledge the many years she has spent working on countless environmental and community projects. Robyn has attained a degree in environmental science and management, and is a passionate environmental advocate involved with a number of local groups including industry consultative committees. She is a founding member of the Friendship Committee and the Sustainable Neighbourhood Alliance and other groups that promote inclusion and community spirit.

Among her many community projects is Pamper Care providing much needed and appreciated, but often overlooked, basics such as personal hygiene products for women, men and children who find themselves homeless or otherwise in need. Another project she initiated is a local bag swap station that encourages the use of reusable bags, and replaces plastic bags with environmentally friendly ones. I understand Robyn was pretty chuffed with her award, even though it barely seemed enough to recognise the amount of work she has done. Her family and friends are very proud of her efforts. I congratulate and thank Robyn for all her work in the Lake Macquarie community.