Lake Macquarie Landcare

15th October 2020

Mr GREG PIPER (Lake Macquarie)—I'd like to acknowledge the wonderful and vital work undertaken by Lake Macquarie Landcare Volunteer Network Incorporated under the guidance of current chairman Bob Montgomery. The organisation has been instrumental in the ecological restoration and sustainable management of Lake Macquarie's natural environment for many years. We've seen great things happen in Lake Macquarie, but without the repair of our catchment and changing attitudes towards our environment it wouldn't happen. Landcare has been central to that. The organisation has more than 800 registered volunteers in 189 groups. Each group looks after its own patch of bush, creek, lake or foreshore and also works to raise community awareness about the environmental issues facing their local areas. This year alone, and amid COVID?19 restrictions, these Lake Macquarie volunteers have planted 5343 native plants in our area, weeded 4.9 hectares of bushland and provided almost 7500 volunteers hours of labour. I congratulate the Lake Macquarie Landcare Volunteer Network and thank each and every one of their volunteers on their tireless work to ensure that both the land-based and aquatic environments of Lake Macquarie remain healthy and flourish for generations to come.

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