Max Bristow

18th March 2021

Mr GREG PIPER (Lake Macquarie)—For some people, age really is no barrier to accomplishing amazing feats of fitness and strength. 77-year-old Max Bristow of Blackalls Park is one such person. For more than 60 years, Max has competed in power-lifting championships around the world and during that time has secured an impressive 24 world records. Incredibly, four of those records still stand. Throughout his life-long dedication to weight and power-lifting, Max has never let illness nor injury deter him from competing in the sport. Five years ago, Max had both a hip replacement and triple bypass, yet was competing again within weeks of these surgeries. More recently he contracted COVID-19 and survived. Max's unrelenting dedication to power-lifting has seen him qualify as a finalist in the Lake Macquarie Sports Awards for 24 years straight, winning the Masters section six times. I congratulate Max on all he has achieved during his noteworthy power-lifting career. Well done.

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