Melody Jones

24th March 2021

Mr GREG PIPER (Lake Macquarie)—I'd like to congratulate Melody Jones from Coal Point on winning the 2021 Lake Mac Artist and Creator Award. Melody is an exceptionally talented artist. She creates large scale drawings which focus on the human figure, using a range of research methods including life drawing, Photoshop and photography while pastels, watercolour and charcoal are enforced to produce dynamic multi-layered works. Apart from being visually striking her pieces also challenge traditional gender roles and stereotypes. Her artistic career has spanned an impressive 40 years, in parallel with an art teaching career where she enthusiastically and passionately shared her knowledge and talent with the next generation of budding artists. Melody now devotes herself to creating authentic contemporary artwork. She has exhibited her work at galleries across Australia, including the prestigious Jacaranda Drawing Prize, the Kennedy Prize, the Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize and was a Doug Moran semi-finalist in 2019. I congratulate Melody on her impressive career and exceptional talent.

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