Gwen Johnston

13th May 2021

Mr GREG PIPER (Lake Macquarie)—Along with many others in the Toronto area, I was saddened by the recent passing of Gwen Johnston of Blackalls Park. Gwen was an extraordinary woman who stood up for what she knew to be right. She was a single mother of six children, and despite all of the hard work that would have entailed, she still found the time to retrain as an accountant and work as a volunteer. Gwen was a tireless worker and a community-spirited person who has been described by her friends as intelligent, determined, independent and community minded. It's a description that resonates with me, having seen her determination to get justice and a new home for the Toronto Pensioners and Citizens Association. That battle lasted more than 10 years but eventuated in a new Seniors Centre in Toronto. Gwen well and truly earned the respect of those who knew her. Her efforts were, and remain, very much appreciated. Gwen was 96 years old when she passed. I pay my respects to her, and send my condolences to her children Christine, Glenys, Graham, Alan, Peter and Neil and their families. Vale, Gwen Johnston.

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