Toronto Adventist School

11th May 2021

Mr GREG PIPER (Lake Macquarie)—It's important that children grow up to appreciate the value of a dollar, so I was pleased to learn about the entrepreneurial efforts of some budding young green thumbs at Toronto Adventist School. Each student from pre-kindergarten all the way through to year six has been digging deep to help the school's market garden bloom. The market garden program has become an integral part of students' nature-based learning. Through the program they learn about the life-cycle of plants and the art of maintaining a garden, and they're responsible for weeding the beds, planting seeds, watering and nurturing plants including seasonable vegetables. The program also teaches students about financial literacy. Once their produce is ripe for picking, students harvest, weigh and bundle it for sale, filling orders placed by their parents. Students are responsible for collecting money, calculating change, working to a budget, recording sales and journaling their activities. Another admirable aspect of this program is that students are required to work as a team, with older pupils mentoring younger ones. I congratulate the staff and students at Toronto Adventist School on the creation of this innovative and fun approach to learning.

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