Dallas Rodney Lock

19th October 2021

Mr GREG PIPER (Lake Macquarie)—For more than two decades, Dallas Rodney Lock from Bolton Point has been engaged in a labour of love to create and maintain one of the most picturesque sites on Lake Macquarie. The Myuna Bay Scout Camp is widely regarded as being home to some of the prettiest walks around our region, but it wasn't always so. Twenty-three years ago the site was dominated by weeds and lantana which in some places was seven metres high. As a scout leader Dallas saw the potential of what the site could become and began the long process of turning it into a scout camp which now attracts troops from across the state. He continues to coordinate and lead scouts to maintain and upgrade the site as part of their Queen's Scout Award. The site is an invaluable and highly regarded bush camp where scouts learn about the environment. Dallas also runs bush tucker tours with 80 varieties of bush tucker located at the site. I congratulate Dallas on his never-ending dedication to not just maintaining the site but also on his dedication to teaching younger generations about the importance of our natural environment.

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