Miah Edwards

16th November 2021

Mr GREG PIPER (Lake Macquarie)—I'd like to acknowledge the young entrepreneurial efforts of Miah Edwards from Boolaroo. At the age of just 11, Miah has found her passion in designing and creating homemade resin jewellery and has developed that passion into a burgeoning business. I recently met Miah at the Lake Macquarie City Farmers Market where she was selling a series of her fashionable wears. Operating a micro-business titled Miah's Moments, Miah was confidently greeting customers and conducting trade. The idea behind Miah's Moments was born after Miah ordered a resin kit through the NSW Government's 'Creative Kids' program. Miah loved making the jewellery so much that she ordered more products and began making earrings and the like for family members. Her family was so impressed with her natural talent that they encouraged her to start up a business and invested in buying her the raw materials. Through this venture Miah has learned how to budget, operate a business by analysing her cost and profit margins and stocktake. Miah's long term goal is to expand her jewellery business and while I wish her well, I congratulate her on her talent and initiative.

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