Peri Roberts

15th February 2022

Mr GREG PIPER (Lake Macquarie)—Lake Macquarie has a proud history of producing world champions and I'd like to congratulate 22-year-old Peri Roberts from Coal Point after winning the Kite Surfing World Tour in Morocco. Becoming a world champion has been a life-long goal of Peri's and I'm thrilled she's achieved it. Peri has been kite surfing since she was 14 and has always had a passion for water sports, including sailing and wake boarding on Lake Macquarie, and beach surfing. Since a young age Peri has made a name for herself as the only junior female kite surfer in the wave riding competition scene. Peri's talent, thirst for adventure and fearless nature have seen her travel around the world after selling her car to compete at her own expense, without sponsorship until recently, overcoming serious injury and adversity along the way. Peri has a long list of achievements, securing podium finishes in the Merimbula Classic, NSW Surf Titles, National Wave Championships, Open Women's Lancelin Ocean Wave Classic and GKA World Cup over the years. Peri's stand-out performance at the GKA Kite-Surf World Cup must be commended and I congratulate her on never stopping chasing her dream.

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