Hayden Perks

15th February 2022

Mr GREG PIPER (Lake Macquarie)—I want to commend and acknowledge the heroic actions of Hayden Perks from Morisset Park after he saved a family of nine from drowning on Boxing Day 2021. Hayden was jet skiing on Lake Macquarie just before dusk when he noticed a small boat overloaded with passengers heading offshore in extremely choppy conditions. Recognising the potential for disaster, he kept a close eye on the vessel. When the boat was 300 metres out from Trinity Point Marina, it capsized and began to sink. Hayden immediately sprang into action and was at their side within seconds. He first rescued a six-month-old baby and a man before alerting authorities to the incident and returning to rescue an 89-year-old grandmother who was slipping into unconsciousness. With the help of friend James Ryan, Hayden was able to ensure all family members were rescued from the water. Due to hazardous conditions at the time, the boat was not visible from the shore, prompting authorities to say that without Hayden's help there was a real chance the entire family may have drowned. I commend and thank Hayden for his heroic actions and quick thinking.

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