Change to standing order 365

24th March 2022

Mr GREG PIPER (Lake Macquarie) (12:44): I make a brief contribution to debate and particularly acknowledge the member for Heffron and the Leader of the House, whom we have been negotiating with on the matter this morning. The Independents have agreed that this is a worthy proposition. The intention of the motion of the member for Heffron is inherently honourable, as is the member himself. We were pleased to work with him and find a way through that could satisfy his intentions but also preserve the needs of the Government. As the member for Ku-ring-gai has alluded to, there is a need for some order in this House. As frustrating as that can be—particularly for non-Government members—we all understand that there is a significant contest for time in this House to transact the business of the Government but also bring forward the needs of each member's constituency. We were pleased to find a middle ground and, indeed, it is a very good position.

We know that we are in extraordinary times. With respect, at other times, when the numbers in the House were more favourable to the Government, it may not have entertained this idea. I am pleased with the way in which the Leader of the House and the Government seem more open to discussing matters regarding the operation of the House. I have never found the member for Heffron to be motivated by anything other than the best intentions in fulfilling his role and moving motions in this place, so it was not a big stretch for us to support him. I thank him, but I also particularly acknowledge the Leader of the House and others who have assisted in this matter.

The three elected Independents, with respect to the member for Murray and the member for Drummoyne, worked together and tried to involve all crossbench members. I appreciated being able to brief and seek the views of The Greens, particularly the member for Balmain; the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party; and my Independent colleague the member for Murray. It is a good outcome, and I thank everybody for the way in which they transacted business and for the good spirit in which it was carried out.

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