Heritage College Year 10 Geography

30th March 2022

Mr GREG PIPER (Lake Macquarie)—It's always wonderful to see young people taking an active interest in their environment and working to improve local habitats. I'd like to congratulate a group of Year 10 geography students from Heritage College Lake Macquarie who joined with Landcare NSW and OzFish volunteers to rehabilitate shoreline along Lake Macquarie. I should add that Ozfish Unlimited is a charity group which works to improve the health of rivers, lakes and estuaries and protect fish habitat. Led by teacher Amy Pascoe, the 18 students travelled to Salts Bay at Swansea where they helped to plant more than 900 native trees and plants in just 90 minutes. The seedlings replaced bitou bush which, if left unchecked, can smother sand dunes and destroy the habitat of native animals. I understand the students embraced the physical nature of the work and felt a great sense of accomplishment upon seeing the very real difference their mass planting had made to the area. The class had been searching for a project in the community and I think they found an admirable one. Well done to Heritage College Lake Macquarie's Year 10 geography class.

Website: Read the Parliamentary Hansard here

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