Social and Affordable Housing in Lake Macquarie

8th June 2022

Mr GREG PIPER (Lake Macquarie) (15:24): My question is directed to the Minister for Planning, and Minister for Homes. Given the dire housing crisis in New South Wales, what is the Government doing to meet the critical demand for social and affordable housing, particularly in areas such as Lake Macquarie, the Central Coast and the Lower Hunter?

The SPEAKER: I call the member for Maroubra to order for the third time.

Mr ANTHONY ROBERTS (Lane CoveMinister for Planning, and Minister for Homes) (15:25): I apologise for the tie. So as not to wake the kids, I got dressed this morning in the dark. I am not sure whether it is worse waking a 12-year-old or a baby. The tie looked blue at 5.30, so I am there in spirit. I thank the member for Lake Macquarie for his question and his strong advocacy on social and affordable housing. It is a strong belief of this Government that everyone should have a safe place to call home. This Government is getting keys in doors and roofs over heads. Through the NSW Land and Housing Corporation, the Coalition Government is working hard to provide more social and affordable housing including, importantly, in regional areas of this great State. But the Government cannot do it alone. We need to create genuine partnerships with local government, community housing providers and NGOs to keep pace with the growing need for social and affordable housing.

I am pleased to inform the House that the Aboriginal Housing Office recently completed six new homes at Toronto and an additional home at Argenton, putting roofs over the heads of some of the State's most vulnerable people. Construction has also begun on two five-bedroom homes at Bolton Point, because providing homes for our Aboriginal communities is a key priority for this Government—and this is just the beginning. I am pleased to inform the member that the Government has invested $2.4 million so far to fund repairs to 390 properties in the Lake Macquarie local government area. This Government is innovative and looking to the future. For instance, last year a landmark memorandum of understanding was signed between the New South Wales Government and the City of Newcastle—the first of its kind. The historic agreement is set to increase social housing in the Newcastle local government area and support more than 100 jobs. It is just another example of this side of the House delivering, because this Government cares about outcomes.

The NSW Land and Housing Corporation has over 4,300 homes in Newcastle. That number will grow through a combined investment in the region of $12 million over three years, working closely with that great city. This is true partnership based on an aligned vision for the future; it is not one-way traffic. The Government would welcome an approach from any council that is committed to growing social and affordable housing in its local government area. I invite Lake Macquarie City Council to join with the member for Lake Macquarie—and there have been discussions about this—to work with the Government to ensure that it delivers what is required in the Lake Macquarie area. We need a collaborative approach in response to housing across the State. Only yesterday, I spoke with the new Federal Minister for Housing about how we can work together to deliver a greater supply pipeline and more social and affordable housing for the people of this great State, particularly in the regions.

The SPEAKER: I call the member for Port Stephens to order for the first time.

Mr ANTHONY ROBERTS: This challenge is too important for us not to work together to deliver real change for our communities. While our job is never done, the Coalition Government is continuing to work hard to secure a brighter future for all of New South Wales.

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