Anna Noon

22nd June 2022

Mr GREG PIPER (Lake Macquarie)—In a time of rising living costs and expensive fresh produce, I'd like to acknowledge the efforts of Anna Noon from Wakefield who has created a 'seed library' for Lake Macquarie residents. The seed library is a community-led initiative which encourages people to share fruit, vegetable, herb and flower seeds. The idea is that participants borrow seeds to plant and leave a portion of their crop to go to seed. Those seeds are then harvested and dried before they're returned to the library for others to grow. Anna was looking for a project that would increase community participation in outdoor activities and enhance community wellbeing, and had noticed seed libraries in other places. She wondered why Lake Macquarie didn't have one and decided to do something about it. Each week Anna and her team of volunteers spend hours sorting and processing seeds for the library which now contains seeds for more than 50 plant species. Those efforts were publicly recognised recently during the 2022 Lake Mac Awards where Anna received the Environmental Leader Highly Commended Award. I congratulate and thank Anna for her contribution to the local community.

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