Sailability Toronto

10th August 2022

Mr GREG PIPER (Lake Macquarie)—I'd like to acknowledge and thank Sailability Toronto for the incredible service they provide to the Lake Macquarie community. As most of my constituents live on or near the beautiful lake, sailing has always been a facet of our community which many people enjoy either from the water or the shore. Unfortunately, there are barriers and limitations for people with disabilities which restrict their chance to enjoy sailing on the lake. Sailability Toronto has been providing opportunities for local sailing enthusiasts with disabilities since its launch in 2008 under the then guidance of Geoff Thornley. Under the direction and hard work of the current President Lyn McAllister the crew has built on that exceptional service to the local community. A fantastic team of volunteers help these budding sailors to enjoy the thrill and fun of sailing on Lake Macquarie without fear of exclusion due to their physical barriers. I extend my greatest thanks and admiration to everyone at Sailability Toronto for their commitment to providing a safe, supportive and enjoyable sailing experience to those who are often unable to do so under their own steam.

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