James Bird

17th November 2022

Mr GREG PIPER (Lake Macquarie)—I'd like to acknowledge the excellent efforts that a small but dedicated group of Lake Macquarie residents made to clean up their local environment. James Bird from Mirrabooka - along with six other adults and five children - recently gave up a Sunday to collect an impressive 43 kilograms of rubbish from bushland and a cycleway along Fishery Point Road in Bonnells Bay. Unfortunately, this tract of bush had become overwhelmed with rubbish to the extent that people could not take two steps without seeing a chip packet, plastic bottle or other similar debris. James noticed the appalling state of the environment while riding to school with his daughter and decided to do something about it. James put out a call to action on social media and was contacted by other local residents who were willing to help. Lake Macquarie City Council's Eco Angel program equipped the group with litter pickers, garbage bags and gloves, and they set to work. The bushland and cycleway have been well and truly cleaned up, so I thank James and his team for their efforts and their selfless sense of community.

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