Brody Riant

24th May 2023

Mr GREG PIPER (Lake Macquarie)—Ensuring the vitality and health of Lake Macquarie is a passion of mine so I'd like to acknowledge the tremendous efforts of 12-year-old Brody Riant from Morisset Park who has gone above and beyond to take care of our precious waterway. Every weekend and school holidays Brody sets out in either his tinny or home-made pontoon boat to collect load after load of rubbish including tyres, plastics, old bikes and household fixtures from the lake. He has even made his own crane from scrap metal to help him lift heavier items out of the water. Brody, who has ADHD, autism and learning difficulties says his desire to clean up the lake is motivated by the enjoyment he gets from being out on his boat, improving the environment and setting a good example for other kids. He has spent countless hours fundraising for his boat's fuel and the tip fees associated with disposing of the rubbish by recycling bottles and cans through the Return and Earn scheme and managing a GoFundMe page. I commend and thank this remarkable young man for his work. He's a true Lake Macquarie legend!

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