Tribute to Toronto Community Kitchen

16th October 2019

Mr GREG PIPER (Lake Macquarie)—Every night in Lake Macquarie, an estimated 400 people are experiencing homelessness and do not have access to a proper meal. I am very grateful to organisations such as the Development and Relief Agency which are working towards eliminating homelessness and poverty in our local community. The agency was recently rewarded with $34,000 in funding by the State Government's My Community Project scheme for a community kitchen at Toronto. The project received the highest number of public votes in the Lake Macquarie electorate.

Once established, the volunteer-run kitchen will offer a free meal once a week to those in need. As we know, finding solutions to homelessness requires much more than just meals. By offering a free meal and food bank in the local area, the community kitchen will be able to reduce the financial stress being felt by some families, as well as the elderly and homeless. It will also become a community gathering point for volunteers and serve as a referral point for those in need. I wish to acknowledge all the volunteers and thank them for the work they are doing in the Lake Macquarie community.

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