Coal Point Naturespace and Community Hub

17th October 2019

Mr GREG PIPER (Lake Macquarie)—I wish to congratulate the Coal Point community and public school which recently secured more than $198,000 in funding to create a local Naturespace and community hub. The funding was secured through the My Community Projects scheme and will help to create a major recreational hub for the community within the school grounds. It will include interwoven gardens and paths through nature areas and activity zones. The hub won't be restricted in use to the school's pupils but also their families, regular bush trail walkers and the fitness conscious outside of regular school hours.

The project will revitalise community assets within the school and make better use of what is one of the few flat spaces in the Coal Point area. Such a space will broadly contribute to the local community by providing free and accessible recreational activities for people of all ages. I've no doubt that it will in turn foster a greater community spirit and a better understanding of the need to protect and promote the area's environmental assets. I acknowledge and congratulate everyone involved with the project.

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